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OpLove – Homecoming – Foster family

Posted on November 6, 2010

I really love shooting for OpLove…especially when I can shoot for a family I know personally. It really means so much more to be able to offer them what I do.

I have known the Foster family for quite a while. Nicole was my daughter’s pre-school and pre-kindergarten teacher and is now Ben’s pre-school teacher. Their family belongs to the pool we belong to. They are a sweet, loving family.

I shot their portrait session back in June when Calvin came home for a short few weeks.

When I first arrived at the airport, I thought that he would be arriving with a bunch of other service people. Come to find out….that huge group of people were all there to see HIM come home….so beautiful and overwhelming….

Nicole even set off the security alarm because she ran past the part where you’re NOT supposed to go pass to hug him…lol

I hope you enjoy your images guys…thanks so much for letting me be a part of this spectacular day! 🙂

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