OpLove – 5am arrival

Posted on January 28, 2011

When Christine contacted me, her husband was due into BWI from overseas at 6:30pm on Saturday evening. As I am well aware, these times change constantly and when the time was finally nailed down to 5am on Sunday morning, I thought…Oh my gosh…that is EARLY!

But then I thought, OK, if this guy can serve our country for a year away from his wife and daughter…the LEAST I can do is get to BWI at 5am…..

Thank you so much for sacrificing for our country…I hope you enjoy these, Christine. 🙂

Little Mr “D” makes five…

Posted on January 11, 2011

I have known the Baltimore family for a few years now. Their kids went to my daughter’s elementary school…they go to our pool…they are a really awesome family. Little Mr “D” is one of the luckiest little guys to have such loving siblings and parents.

When mom asked me to take Mr “D”s newborn pics I was so excited! These were taken just a few weeks after being home…. Welcome to the world, little guy…

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