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Papa’s Hats

Posted on June 26, 2011

I’m not sure why but I haven’t done any personal posts. I think I want to change that. Sometimes I come up with ideas for shoots and want to try them out. So those are the personal posts I will share here because they almost always include my family somehow.

My daughter has grown up dealing with my photographic whims and she obliges me more so the older she gets. My son, on the other hand, argues with me about doing them. “Only 1 picture!” He tells me constantly. And anyone who knows me KNOWS I simply can not take just ONE picture!

So I had this idea that involved some personal items of my dad’s. My dad used to wear these cool hats. When my mom was going though his stuff (my dad is in a nursing home) she came across some of these hats…and so was born my idea. I ventured down to the waterfront of Annapolis with my son and nephew in tow along with 2 of Papa’s hats. They actually cooperated well when I bargained with the thought of an ice cream afterword…lol

I really love the results I got and am trying to think of a way to incorporate them into one thing…maybe a collage canvas…

I love you Dad…

These next three are my favorites…

This ones pretty funny…he wasn’t happy with me at this point.

The boat that docks there for rides out into the bay was blowing his horn at this point and the boys kept their ears covered…

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