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Yay! I’m doing another blog post! I know, I know….I am really bad about blogging.

Here is the awesome Q family! We met at Marietta Mansion in Glenn Dale, MD and had lots of fun roaming the beautiful grounds there. Their kids are so funny and adorable!!!

It’s so cool when I get to photograph families multiple times (I photographed the extended family a few years back) because I get to see them growing and changing and I LOVE that!!! :)



Family Portrait Bay Bridge

I have known Helen for a while….her daughter and mine have been in classes together throughout the years. So when she contacted me about a family portrait I was excited and honored to do it. :)

She mentioned that they would like the Bay Bridge in some of their shots so I immediately thought of Sandy Point Park. We had a great time traipsing around in the sand and we even had an audience of a family of deer who seemed interested in what we were doing.

I hope you enjoy your images Helen! It was a lot of fun! :)

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Sarah and I met at Kinderfarm Park to capture some portraits of her sweet little 18 month old. He is all boy and was loving the dirt and grass. I love this age because you just let them be and follow them and they will give you some pretty awesome chances for images.

I hope you enjoy these Sarah!

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This adorable little lady’s mom contacted me through a referral….

Ann and I met at Brookside Gardens and let little J lead us around the park. She has an infectious smile and we had so much fun!

Thanks Ann…I really hope you enjoy these!

Oh, and from now on I am going to have all Moms (and/or Dads) get in at least ONE picture with their kids….we NEVER seem to do that but our children will be so grateful they have the memories when they are older. :)

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OK, so I’m one of those photographers that is CONSTANTLY looking for cool places to shoot. I must see 1 or 2 every time I venture out in the car to the store, to drop the kids somewhere, anywhere. I always wish I could pull over right then and there and shoot something there, lol.

This location I used for my minis was one of those places. I had discovered it almost 2 years ago but had never used it for anything. When I finally purchased the yellow chair I was obsessing about on Craigslist, I started looking for places to put it for some cool images. I remembered this spot. The flowers hadn’t been there when I had first seen it but when I drove by recently, it had blossomed all these gorgeous yellow wildflowers. I couldn’t WAIT to bring my chair over! (sounds crazy, I know)

So, of course, my poor daughter got swindled into  going over there one nice afternoon and helped me carry the chair and so graciously, lol, not, modeled for me.

Anyhow, I think this is one of my favorite spots so far. The flowers have long since faded but the pretty grass is still there…

These are some images from my 2 mini sessions I shot there.

Thanks to everyone who participated! :)

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I’ve been really bad…it’s been a LONG time since I have blogged and I want to change that.


This is Beth and her family. Beth and her husband won this session at the silent auction at my daughter’s school. Beth told me that her hubby hovered around the table of the auction at the end to make sure that they had the highest bid. :) That is just so cool and makes me smile BIG!!!

So we met at this awesome field I found that has awesome grasses and yellow flowers and an old mansion (I’ll be posting more about that spot later)

We had a fabulous time frolicking through the field…well, I frolicked and they just laughed at me, lol. (But that makes great pictures!!)

Check them out….

Thanks Beth! It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy them!

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