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So I recently had to get a new motherboard in my computer. I managed to save a bunch of stuff from my desktop but for some reason didn’t make a copy of my OpLove templates folder which had my old design I use for my albums.

I’m actually happy I did because I am LOVING the new design I created! It works so much better with my branding.

Here is Alysa and Will’s album… I’ll be shipping it out first think Monday morning to you, Alysa and Will! :)

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What am I working on now?

Here’s a peek at the pre-deployment session I did on Sunday….

Think you are seeing double? That’s because I shot her twin sister’s pre-deployment session last fall. :)

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So I know a lot of you have seen my posts from my OpLove shoots. I wanted to show you what the final product looks like that I send to the deployed service member or to the families…

When someone inquires about an Operation Love Reunited shoot, they go to the OpLove website and click on the “find a photographer in your area” link…this will bring up a map and they will be able to see all the OpLove photographers in their area. They will send an inquiry form through the photographers website, which is linked there, and they are allowed 2 free sessions…one being either a pre-deployment session of the whole family or one of the family of that service member here AND a homecoming session, which is to take place at the place of the arrival of that service member.

They also receive a spiral bound 4×6 book like this which is sent by us overseas to that service member or to the families if it is a homecoming…..

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Sacrifice…the full impact of the meaning of that word hit me yet again when I met and photographed Erin and her beautiful family. I kept thinking how I would be feeling if, in just a few short weeks, I would be thousands of miles away from my family for 6 whole months. It made my throat tight…I couldn’t even imagine it. To be away from my two beautiful children and my husband. It gave me such a greater respect for Erin and for her husband Ryan, who just returned from his deployment not long ago.  It still gives me chills as I sit here and type this…

Erin…Ryan…and all who sacrifice for our country…thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Erin is now overseas and I hope the time flies for her so she can be back with her family soon….

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This is Nathan’s 3rd and final deployment. He is home now…for good. :)

I can not imagine going through the departing and reuniting once…let alone 3 times.

Nathan flew into BWI on a domestic flight. His children were unaware of this, they thought he was on the large international flight with 371 (yes, you read that right) servicemen returning at the same time. So Jen decided to surprise the kids even further.
Jen and I snuck off while the kids were helping the USO make care bags for the returning men and women and we met Nathan’s flight in the domestic area. Then we walked back and Nathan crept up from behind.
It was wonderful….their son was so overcome it choked me up….
Thank you Nathan and Jen….for the sacrifices you have made…
We are all greatly indebted. ?


I never tire of shooting sessions for the Operation Love Reunited organization… I wish I could do them all the time…

Kara had contacted me through the OpLove website and also on a recommendation from a friend of mine, a fellow photographer who used to shoot for OpLove. Kara had been deployed a few years back and had done an OpLove session back then.

We met at Patapsco State Park and had fun even though it was a bit chilly.

Kara is being deployed the first of the year and when she returns…her husband will be deployed for 6 months.

I’m so happy I was able to do this for you and your family, Kara! I hope you enjoy them…and thank you and you husband so much for your service to our country…we are all EXTREMELY grateful! :)

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