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A little over a week ago I had the privilege of doing little Miss Lena’s one year portraits. We had so much fun with all the cool things Brittany (Mommy) brought for the pictures. ┬áCheck out that adorable basket with the balloon! Reminds me of a mini hot air balloon. <3

I was the photographer for Brittany and Mike’s wedding a few years back and we returned to the spot that we did their engagement pictures to capture these awesome pics of Miss Lena. Love being a part of peoples’ lives throughout the years…. Means so very much to me. :)

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Yay! I’m doing another blog post! I know, I know….I am really bad about blogging.

Here is the awesome Q family! We met at Marietta Mansion in Glenn Dale, MD and had lots of fun roaming the beautiful grounds there. Their kids are so funny and adorable!!!

It’s so cool when I get to photograph families multiple times (I photographed the extended family a few years back) because I get to see them growing and changing and I LOVE that!!! :)



Family Portrait Bay Bridge

I have known Helen for a while….her daughter and mine have been in classes together throughout the years. So when she contacted me about a family portrait I was excited and honored to do it. :)

She mentioned that they would like the Bay Bridge in some of their shots so I immediately thought of Sandy Point Park. We had a great time traipsing around in the sand and we even had an audience of a family of deer who seemed interested in what we were doing.

I hope you enjoy your images Helen! It was a lot of fun! :)

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What do you get when you combine a gorgeous day, some beautiful backdrops and a cutie patootie like this???

Some awesome images that I LOVED working on!!! :)

Little Miss R is just over a year old and she is the sweetest little girl! We had lots of fun frolicking all over her grandma and grandpa’s property, which was beautiful and I hope to shoot there again someday, hehe.

Thanks for having me capture your granddaughter Kelly! I hope you enjoy the images!

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Sarah and I met at Kinderfarm Park to capture some portraits of her sweet little 18 month old. He is all boy and was loving the dirt and grass. I love this age because you just let them be and follow them and they will give you some pretty awesome chances for images.

I hope you enjoy these Sarah!

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This adorable little lady’s mom contacted me through a referral….

Ann and I met at Brookside Gardens and let little J lead us around the park. She has an infectious smile and we had so much fun!

Thanks Ann…I really hope you enjoy these!

Oh, and from now on I am going to have all Moms (and/or Dads) get in at least ONE picture with their kids….we NEVER seem to do that but our children will be so grateful they have the memories when they are older. :)

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