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There’s nothing more I love than when people tell me how much fun a shoot is. :)

That’s what we had down in Georgetown with Tyler, his mom and his aunt. FUN. Not sure if it’s because I’m funny or because I’m a big goober head, lol. I just love to be goofy as if I’ve known people for years….

Anyhow, we started down by the waterfront area and worked our way up to the charming streets of Georgetown finding all kinds of fun places to stop. And if you let me, I’ll stop you a lot….  :D

Thanks so much Christina and Tyler for letting me capture you at this pinnacle of your life… freaks me out that this time is coming fast and furious for me…. they just get so big so fast!

Oh, and I made (yes, I wouldn’t take no for an answer) Christina get in a few with her handsome son….they are some of my FAVORITES!!!!


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Katelyn’s mom had contacted me from a friend of Katelyn’s who had their senior portraits done last year. Gotta love referrals! :)

So we met at pretty Greenbelt Park and had a gorgeous day to wander around the lake and then over to the older section of Greenbelt by the cinema.

I love being able to do senior portraits. Thanks Katelyn! :)

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Springtime has finally shown that she’s here to stay…yesterday could not have been prettier.

I met Summer and her mom up in Baker Park in Frederick, MD. The trees were flowering everything was bright green…it was awesome! She brought her german shepherd, Lucy, who is at cute as can be! (I LOVE german shepherds!)

Thanks so much Summer and Cissy for a fun afternoon….here’s some images from yesterday for you to enjoy until your gallery is up.

Yay for springtime!!! :)

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